Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Constructing guitar chords

D chord

Basic Guitar Lessons - Basic Guitar Chords

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Learn the basic guitar chords, C, D, G, Em and Am.

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Drums "Pinwheel" Drum Lesson

This is a drum lesson on the "Pinwheel" drum technique/warmup. See more videos on

Drum Lesson "Quick Double Paradiddle Beat"

Learn a double paradiddle beat in this quick lesson. The concept of this beat is easy to grasp but can be difficult to coordinate. Enjoy! More lessons and resources at

Drum Lesson "The Doubling Technique"

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Drum Lesson "12-1-12-123 Exercise" Lessons

Learn a great warm-up exercise that helps to increase wrist speed and endurance. It's a neatly syncopated little rhythm...

Drum Lessons "Geek Technique"

Learn a quick and easy warm-up/stretch technique that is sure to earn you "geek status" from any drummers looking on!

Drum Lessons "Lessons on Quintuplets"

Learn how to play and count quintuplets. In this drum lesson you will also learn a few mid-level to advanced patterns and rhythms to play with quintuplets. Find more drum lessons on